I am currently working as a researcher with the Center for Innovative Human Systems at the School of Psychology, Trinity College Dublin. Before this I was based at University College Cork where I obtained my PhD in Psychology funded by the Digital Arts and Humanities PhD Programme (PRTLI Cycle 5).

My research resides within Human Computer Interaction and Experience-Centered Design. I am particularly interested in working with vulnerable groups within the community, finding ways to empower and air their voices. My PhD focused on supporting positive interactions within dementia relationships of care. This saw me in the role of researcher, advocate, and educator. Currently I am researching the areas of emergency management, and law enforcement agency processes where I focus on the psychology of organisations, exploring what can motivate and facilitate change within them.

I’m passionate about people, their stories and how our material environment allows us to express these stories and/ or indeed shape them; narrative, identity, design, and experience are my usual vernacular.

Welcome to my site.